Windsor Cadet 7

Commercial Carpet Extractor

  • Easy-to-use controls reduce operator fatigue.
  • No-hose design makes it simple to fill and empty.
  • Floating vacuum shoe follows the contour of the carpet for superior recovery.
  • Quick-connect ports for fast and easy accessory attachment.

Document Type
French Sell Sheet
Cadet 7—French Sell Sheet
German Sell Sheet
Cadet 7—German Sell Sheet
German Service Manual
Cadet 7 230v Service Manual (German)
Italian Sell Sheet
Cadet 7—Italian Sell Sheet
Sell Sheet
Cadet 7 Commercial Extractor Sell Sheet
Service Manual & Parts List
Cadet 7—115v—Service Manual & Parts List
Service Manual & Parts List
Cadet 7—230v—Service Manual & Parts List
Spanish Sell Sheet
Cadet 7—Spanish Sell Sheet

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