Windsor Commodore 20

Commercial Small-Area Carpet Extractor

The most value per gallon capacity in the industry. Performance breakthroughs and ergonomics create a carpet extractor that maximizes operator productivity.

  • Exceptional maneuverability and compact design makes it easy to operate in small areas.
  • Unique Penetrator vacuum shoe design provides superior recovery.
  • Easy to use controls reduce training time.

Document Type
End-User Guide
Commodore 20—End-User Guide
French Service Manual
Commodore 20 115v—French Service Manual
Parts List
Commodore 20 115v—Parts List
Parts List
Commodore 20 230v—Parts List
Sell Sheet
Commodore 20—Sell Sheets
Service Manual
Commodore 20 115v—Service Manual
Service Manual
Commodore 20 230v—Service Manual
Spanish End-User Guide
Commodore 20—Spanish End-User Guide
Spanish Service Manual
Commodore 20 115v—Spanish Service Manual

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